Research, Insights, Solutions
Research, Insights, Solutions
Customer Experience Solutions With Your Data and Information
Customer Experience SolutionsWith Your Data and Information

DSG Consulting Practice

"Your most unhappy customer are your greatest source of learning". - Bill Gates (Former CEO of Microsoft)


What We Do

Discovering Solutions Group develops actionable insights from data and information about your customers, helping you develop new and unique best in class customer experiences, that will increase your company's revenues.


Partnering with you and your team, we deliver a comprehensive narrative of your customers with strategies and recommendations for the greatest customer experiences.  



How We Do it

Using the Customer Experience Ecosystem™, we use DSG Customer Insights Model (Data and Information) and integrate DSG Multiple Thinking Model™ as tools to uncover solutions, obvious and unobvious ones. We join the known with the unknown (gaps) to connect the dots to create best in class customer experiences.


                                                         DSG Multiple Thinking Model™



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