Research, Insights, Solutions
Research, Insights, Solutions
Customer Experience Solutions With Your Data and Information
Customer Experience SolutionsWith Your Data and Information

DSG Training

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."  Jack Welch- Former CEO of General Electric (GE)





Discovering Solutions Group training programs are for 1-500 people at a time either in-person or online for:

  • Research, Analytics and Insights
  • Customer Experience Solutions
  • Types of Thinking Skills


Below is just a partial list of some of our training programs.  We will design a training program special for you and your company needs.


Research, Analytics, and Insights

  • Demonstrates different research methodologies (Surveys, UX Research, Focus Group, Card Sorting, etc.)
  • Developing different research strategies
  • Designing surveys to get a very high response rate
  • Designing and conducting Usability testing
  • How to develop different types of Journey Maps  
  • Taking Data and Information and transforming them into Insights
  • Explore how to integrate different types of data to tell the story
  • Discover between the difference using research to measure vs. understanding


Customer Experience

  • What are the different parts of customers experience
  • How companies develop customer experiences
  • Motivating customers to purchase your products and/or service  
  • How to make customers loyal to your product and/or service
  • Discover how to take the insights of your data and connect them to your business objectives in order to create a great consumer experience
  • Taking the appropriate data and information to create the best in class consumer experience.
  • Creating customer experiences for different types of customers


 Different Types of Thinking Skills

  • Discover the different methods of thinking and how they differ.
  • How to take different methods of thinking and create best of class customer experience
  • Explore the elements in each of the different methods of thinking


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