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Research, Insights, Solutions
Customer Experience Solutions With Your Data and Information
Customer Experience SolutionsWith Your Data and Information

Customer Experience

"You’ve  got to start with the customer experience  and work back toward the technology, not the other away around" - Steve Jobs (Former CEO of Apple)

What is Customer Experience? 

"Customer Experience is the combination of thoughts, feelings, actions, and emotions of your customers' based on attributes and touchpoints of purchasing, consuming, and interacting with the product or service, and its organization".

(Discovering Solutions Group)


What is the DSG Customer Experience Ecosystem™?


The DSG Customer Experience Ecosystem is a systematic and holistic way of looking at each element (Purchasing, Consuming, and Interacting) of your customers. We look at your customers' feelings, emotions, and opinions to help you create a total customer experience that will increase revenue. 




                                        DSG Customer Experience Ecosystem™


Customer Experience impacts:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer  Retention
  • Customer  Acquisition 


How Do We Do It?

We integrate multiple sources of data and information using different types of research tools, with a combination of different types of thinking tools (Strategic, Design, Critical, and Analytical) to provide you with actionable insights and foresights to create the best in class customer experiences. 



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